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It is of fundamental importance to realize that in practical terms any classification of websites has no sharp distinctions. For instance, if one can easily differentiate a catalog from an online shop by absolutely specific attribute (cart availability/unavailability), then quite often it is rather hard to understand, where a notion of business card website ends up and where that of a corporate website takes its rise. Indeed, does it really matters?

In this regard there are frequent cases, when some types of websites are combined. As often as not one can see a catalog on the landing site or a corporate site consisting of pages, built up on the “Landing Page” principle, or come across Landing Page, where one can write up an order (that turns out to be lending + online shop).

Below I will do my best in describing the key features of development, filling-in and promotion of each type of a website and believe that it might be helpful in making the best option for the type of website you need.

создание сайтов

What to begin with?

Before starting to choose the type of website to be created, you should get clear answers for some questions.

Here is a short, but not exhaustive list of questions:

  1. What for do you principally need this website? Here, it is worthy of note that approximately 90% of sites serve the only purpose – to make “cold” clients into “warm” ones. In other words, to make people, who have no idea about you/your products or services, into potential clients, who are interested to acquire. Among secondary objectives there might be: company image enhancement, reinforcement of its presence in media, existing client database handling and raising clients loyalty, as well as informative and outreach activities, etc.
  2. What are your target audience and its segments? It is exceptionally critical! Your website runs as a sales person working 24 hours 7 days a week. And in order to make this sales person operate in the most efficient way it is required to know all potential clients fairly well: what exactly they need (or what are their “hot-button subjects”, as marketing professionals usually put it), what are their selective criteria among competitors (is it nothing else but price?), how promptly they make decisions (compare such topics as “emergency unlocking of doors” and “construction of buildings”), etc.
  3. Who are your competitors and what are your competitive edges? It means that you should get a clear answer to a client’s question “And why should I buy product of yours?” Ideally, you should prepare USP (Unique Selling Proposition), but fairness requires me to say that it is not always feasible.
  4. What desired action should a site visitor undertake? To make a call? And perhaps to write? Or possibly to feed your personal data? Or to place order at once? It’s any wonder but the answer to this question is not always evident so much, as it might seem at first sight.
  5. What are your short-range horizons and objectives for the nearest month/quarter/year? Lots of things depend on the reply to this question. There are times, when clients were required as late as yesterday, but there also times, when a season will take place in several months. And at that, a schedule and sequence of works can be changed considerably.

Answers to all these (and not only these) questions are absolutely indispensable for a proper planning of website creation. Should you call me for a consultation, these very questions will be raised by me, as a matter of priority. Yes, for sure, my advisory support is free and entirely non-binding for you!

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Step-by-Step Procedure

website building

Any project is unique. To work mechanically is useless. Competitors keep vigil and they are tracking you. Only those, who are ready to be dedicated to their work all the time with day-to-day upgrading, will succeed in promotion. I have a deep aversion to narrowing any work down to tired-old and thrice-told “7 principles” or “5 steps” towards your success, nevertheless I will do something of the kind in order to give you a comprehension of what I will generally do in this respect.

So, let us start step by step:

  • Discussion. First of all, we need to have a little talk. The aim of my first chat will be to identify the key aspects of your business, your current tasks to be solved and recommend a global action plan in general.
  • Information gathering. It is necessary to get all information available for the website: photos, video, documents and description of products/services. It will be clear, at this stage, what is available and what is lacking for site development and its filling-in.
  • Target audience and competitor analysis. Of utmost importance is to know how your competitors operate and in what aspects you can and you should make better.
  • Elaboration of detailed work plan, payment schedule and responsibility zones. This is indispensable in order to get advanced to smoothly and steadily to the outlined target. It will let you track what is done, why it is necessary, in what sequence it should be implemented and what for all this is required.
  • Site creation work. Site build-up planning, design, copywriting, layout and page making, programming, publication and testing of website functioning.
  • Promotion and support. Setting-up of ad campaigns in Google and Yandex, elaboration and implementation of SEO-promotion plan
Let's get started?

Landing Page

цена at the price starting from 399$

времяwithin minimum 5 days

Best suited to:

  • Businesses, which are selling one product/service. On rare occasions, there may be a small catalog on the Landing Page.
  • Businesses, the clients of which are prone to impulse buys. Ideally, just after having visited the website.
  • Those, who need to have the site built up quickly with a minimum participation in the process.
  • Those, who would like to put a niche/demand under trial

Distinctive features of development

Landing pages are developed much faster than other types of website. More of it, the first clients may appear just in a week after work have been launched.

Less information is required from the Customer in the process of work and often no participation is needed for the site filling-in at all.

When building up the landing page, there are used the most attractive and eye-catching color solutions, incentive techniques for buying actions, publication of promos and discounts. A logic chain is formed up at the website to induce a client’s desire to order your product or service. As a rule, skillfully-devised landing pages can be easily converted to a greater extent in comparison with other types of websites.

Distinctive features of promotion

Contextual advertising, teaser advertising and targeted advertising are basic ways for Landing Page promotion. SEO for landing pages is not applicable in practice.

I need Landing Page

Business Card Site / Corporate Site

at the price starting from 599$

within minimum 10 days

Best suited to:

Almost to all. Almost any services and products can be published in Internet through a Business Card Site or a Corporate Site. A similar website can contain any kind and amount of information. It is possible to have here static pages, a section dedicated to news/articles/useful information, photo and video galleries, FAQ pages, separate pages for contacts and whatever you need.

Distinctive features of development

As a rule, it is quite uneasy to fill in a business card site/corporate site. Because right from the beginning, it is necessary to gather/generate all the information to be represented at the website, then build up its structure, make a proper design and finally publish.

Distinctive features of promotion

Business card sites/corporate sites do not have any limitations of using the promotion way. It can involve all types of advertising, social media promotion and SEO.

I need Corporate Site

Catalog-site (Showcase)

at the price starting from 399$

within minimum 14 days

Best suited to:

Companies with a wide range of products. As a rule, between a catalog and online shop a preference is made to the former by the companies operating at the B2B segment, as well as by the companies, whose products are sold better via telephone or by face-to-face contact. Whereas B2C catalogs are more important for the products, which people not too often order directly through the website (furniture, for example).

Distinctive features of development

Catalog-site is a full-value showcase of the company on the Internet. Its main task is to present in a structured fashion, fill in information about assortment of company products and provide a convenient navigation and search.

Broadly speaking, a Catalog-site is a rather high-volume website. And often the filling-in of a catalog takes the most of time. Here in many cases one has to resort to assistance of content managers and copywriters, and set up import/export, etc.

Distinctive features of promotion

Catalogs can be promoted by any ways available. It is noteworthy that availability of numerous pages, as well as of pages dedicated to one specific product (product cards), make the catalog-site ideal website for SEO-promotion..

I need Catalog-site

Online shop

at the price starting from 499$

within minimum 14 days

Best suited to:

Companies with a wide range of products that would like to sell directly from the website. Most commonly it is the B2C-segment.

Distinctive features of development

Online shop development is more time-consuming and more expensive than catalog-site. It is stipulated by the fact that the online-shop builder faces rather ambitious challenges: to create a client-friendly ordering process and an easy selection of payment/product delivery method.

It is also worthy of note that online shop is one of the most complicated and multi-choice types of websites. In the online shop, one can implement sophisticated search, multicurrency support, filter for goods, comparison; besides a delivery cost estimate service is integrated with online payment services.

Distinctive features of promotion

Online shop can be promoted by any of the ways available: starting from advertising and up to SEO-promotion.

I need Online shop

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