Contextual advertising

Site promotion by means of contextual advertising

By contextual advertising or advertisements, which take places on the paid basis in search-engine or pay-per-click (PPC) systems, one should understand product shopping ads shown to users upon their requests into the search engine. Contextual ads are viewed only by those users, who are searching for your products and services. We shall choose relevant key words, write texts of ads and elaborate the most efficient strategy of bid management for attaining maximum amount of traffic, calls and orders.

google adwords

Google AdWords

You will get ads in Google AdWords on “turn-key” basis: from selecting relevant key words up to analytics set-up. A high-level setting-up of advertisements will allow demonstrating ads to a lot of people: monthly site frequency in Google amounts to over 50 millions of users.

yandex direct

Yandex Direct

We will take over the management of an advertising campaign in the largest search engine on the Runet: we will compose the texts of ads, configure them, monitor it daily and promptly make changes. With our help, you will reach a wide audience: more than 60% of users are looking for products and services in Yandex.

Advantages of contextual advertising

  • Starts to perform immediately, on the first day after launching;
  • It will enable you to work only with your target audience – it shows ads to peoples, who need your products or services;
  • Extremely flexible and precise setting-up: you will be aware in what time of the day, in what days of the week, to whom exactly, at what trading platforms and at what price your ads are shown.
  • A predicted result is the most important thing! You always know what you are paying for clicks, i.e. for a targeted traffic at the website;

Step-by-step procedure of work


Creation of semantic core

We are selecting all potential phrases by which you will be searched on the Internet and deduct non-targeted queries (audience suppression).


Select tools for search-engine ads and customize to in-depth analytics.

We are clicking tools: search, YAN (Yandex Advertising Network)/GDN (Google Display Network), retargeting, remarketing.


Create ads

We are making a separate ad for each key word and seek for its approval separately.


Develop the structure of advertising campaigns

We are preparing campaigns and upload them into the personal online service.



After setting-up campaign parameters, virtual business card creation, additional links, clarifications and correction of bids, we are forwarding the campaign for policing (moderation).


Analysis and correction

During the first week, we are conducting a day-to-day monitoring and identifying negative keywords and unnecessary platforms. We are making efforts to enhance CTR.


Weekly post-click analysis

Each week we are checking detailed statistics and seek for possibilities of enhancing the ad efficiency campaign.

Ad campaign cost

There is absolutely no and there could not be any common pricelists for creating the ad campaign. Because there are numerous factors, which can impact upon its cost: competitiveness, seasonality, viewed impression region, necessary ad budget, etc.

We conduct a detailed analysis individually for each client and can justify each ruble to be spent in the summary ad calculation.

The cost of ad campaign comprises three items:

  • Setting-up of ad campaign (one-time fee) – min 100$
  • Gathering of statistics and correction (mainly up to 3 months) - min 50$/month
  • Ad budget – should be assigned by you

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