Compared to contextual advertising, SEO instrument is much less comprehensible, but more complicated, with less predictable result…

But nevertheless, even at present, successful SEO-promotion will bring considerably more sales to you!

By SEO we should understand a package of works aimed to enhance and stabilize the site rank upon release. Promotion through search engine is online promotion method of higher quality than any conventional advertising. It is not an advertisement that usually ignored instinctively, but solution of its problems and tasks that is offered to the target audience.

A user sees you not in the advertising section, but in the top-3 search results, and therefore is motivated to click your website, purchase your products or make use of your services. Thus you are reaching a quality audience that is really interested in your offer.

The key point for website promotion is activity (frequency) and time spent by a user at the website. The more pages a user is visiting and the more time a user is staying on them, the more frequent a user is filling-in feedback forms for order, the higher in quality your website will be from the point of view of search engines. It is known as “behavior factors

Step-by-step procedure of work (outline plan)


Strategy development, budget assessment, preparation of clear action plan for several forthcoming months

We are analyzing competitors and subjects of promotion as a whole.


Choosing proper key words (of semantic core) for promotion

We are making clear and identifying what key words are usually chosen by users for searching the services, similar to yours, then grouping them and creating (editing) pages at the website for each group to ensure an optimized promotion.


Internal optimization of website

Under today’s environment of promotion, it is a basic step on which your success depends by 90%. This step includes correction of texts and code of pages, placement of useful and unique content, optimization of heads and meta-tag filling-in.


External optimization of website

Increase of website and your company mentioning on social media, in trust external resources as well as in catalogs and reference guides, and optimization of reference weight.

This is a fairly concise and non-exhaustive list of efforts, which should be made, since the all-round list usually comprises over 150 points and I am not going to tout it by urging you to read them all.

SEO-promotion cost

If one leaves out all details, the SEO-promotion cost comprises 2 items:

  • Cost of project works (accomplished by SEO-specialist, copywriter and content manager)
  • Purchase of links
  • Totally: min 200$ per month

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